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Computer Repairs Pro Blog.

Computer Repairs PRO.. This is my website for my Computer Repairs business. I mainly serve the Miami area especially South and West Kendall as well as the Hammocks. One nice touch I like to do is to try to repair computers in the same home or office. If the problem is too severe, then I will offer to leave the customer a loaner PC and or Laptop that my customers can use until I have the time to fix their […]


Today there are so many places to shop online, but this is my own site and I pride my self in happy customers. I will make sure you get a very good deal on any computer parts, cables, or assesories. Just like the name inplies Part Land USA is the site to find it all. Specializing in Quality parts at rock bottom prices with fast delivery anywehre in the USA for your computer repair parts or upgrade needs as well […]

Unemployment insurance keeps some people from looking for jobs.

The most foolish thing our government can do is extend unemployment benefits for more time. With 10 percent of the USA unemployed, you may think that extending unemployment benafits for an extra 6 months is a good thing and the only way to help the people who are “suffering” Well that idea is completely false. If somebody loses a job, the suffering occurs in the first weeks or months. It’s the psychological impact of not having a job that hurts […]